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Okay, I dont know what the subbie tuner is talking about, but i think he just wants to tune ur BMW and make some cash. I 100% agree that piggyback tuner is not the best tuner but it works great while your trying to get everything dialed in. I take my time with my cars and build them up slowly getting what is best for the car. So I wont be ready for a tuner to start dialing in my car until it is almost done, needless to say it will never actually be done, and if it is its time for a new one. But while you are gathering all of your mods and butting the beast together I recomend the JB4 tune, because it is a night and day difference. It performs amazingly for what it is, a piggy back. But I agree with the subbie tuner, its not a professional tune done by a person that tunes cars all day everyday.