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Originally Posted by itsmeek View Post
Thanks sir, I understand tuning as well (been tuning since my first 1989 talon). As I mentioned previously and to quote you, the key here is "ECU that doesnt adapt like this BMW platform".

We are talking about the BMW platform, right? The ECU adapts, it works very well and the tuner (BMS) has taken this into account. Not sure how it's relevant to the BMW and why they are being trashed because they used a more efficient approach to tuning.

They worked with the platform they were given. I haven't heard any nightmares about their approach, their prices are lower and their numbers are consistently higher than the other tuners. Not sure at this point what the advantage is to buying any other system if your car is lightly modded.
The word adapt is thrown around loosely, can you explain what adapt means to you cause from the rest of your post here I dont think you have a clear understanding. A few people have touched on this. The consistency part definitely made me chuckle. From what Mike says the G5 board should fix the inconsistency with the CPS offset, or the use of CPS module offset but I doubt anyone can say out of the box ignition going back and forth from knock detection is consistent.