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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
On meth, I don't see it being a big deal. Shiv seems to believe advancing over the stock curve on meth is kosher and no ones blown up so I guess it's safe.

CPS comes into play on pump gas for sure re: consistency.
Methanol is a different beast and allows for quite a lot more ignition timing. Advancing ignition over the stock curve on meth is certainly do-able. I'm sure Shiv has already found their to be a power gain. As with any tuning or platform you want to tune to MBT (maximum brake torque). When you find MBT you either stop making power adding ignition or knock. I guess in the case of methanol most find there is no more power from ignition to a certain point.

It is always safe to add ignition so as long as your not on the verge of knock and or making more power. Adding ignition blindly is a different subject of course.