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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
BMW does not paint the bumper covers themselves. They are painted by the parts supplier off site. Then the bumper covers arrive just in time - to be installed on the car. This is why they never quite match. But it takes a good eye to spot the color difference. Btw... Audi also operates the same way!

At Leipzig Werk... BMW does not limit the time the body shop workers need to repair any found blemishes on the cars - at the final inspection station. They have this huge room with soothing bright wood floors. The cars are finished one by one. They use these small two inch buffer pads to "polish" the area of the paint defect. They when they are all done they polish the car. BMW doesn't put any pressure on this final inspection process. The workers can take all the time they need.

I was told last year that Leipzig would be getting a major upgrade to their paint shop - sometime this year. They will be getting the latest technology for painting cars. This upgrade was suppose to happen this year. Not sure IF it had gone into effect or not. After all Leipzig will also be building the i3 and i8 very soon (2013). In fact, when I drove past the factory last Friday they already had some construction cranes on site - for the expansion of the factory buildings.

Interesting Dackelone. Thanks.

There are A few other areas on the body where dust has even caught under the paint or there are dried bubbles.