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End of Lease - Given Buy Out Price. Thoughts?

Hello all.

I want to thank this forum for helping me 3 years ago with acquiring my first BMW. I have a 2009 BMW 328xi coupe, that I love.

My lease ends at the end of July. I am not sure what direction to go. I really enjoy this car. I do like the new 3 series sedan, just not as much as my current car. But I would prefer getting into the sedan than into a new E92 coupe if I was not to purchase my current coupe.

Here is my car, and here is the pricing I received as follows. Would appreciate any thoughts on purchasing this car. And any tips on bargaining further.

2009 328xi coupe
Metallic Paint
Automatic Transmission
Paddle Shifters
Premium Package
Sport Package
Cold Weather Package

On cue to have just about 36,000 miles at end of lease. Currently at 34,500 miles. Residual is $29,000.

Dealer Offering me the following pricing:
Selling Price: $25,500
CPO: $2475
Extra Maintenance: $2295
New Tires (likely): $1500 (estimate)
Total with Tax: $35,400 (includes CPO warranty and "free" maintenance).

I get nervous about the long-term reliability of this car. I've had no issues other than the brake lights or angel eyes being out previously. I heard the 45,000 mile service is the big one. I am unsure how much this would cost, or if it's worth getting the Maintenance plan. I figure, if I buy the car, then I will keep it for the 6 years.

Any thoughts on bargaining further and thoughts on my current deal would be appreciated.

Thank you.