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Just some feedback.

I have a Canadian 2008 328xi wagon, with USB. I added the antenna and microphone, coded for bluetooth and everything worked except for the microphone. It needed to be re-pinned by the glove box.

I did that tonight and the process was a *little* different than the write up. I needed to remove the whole glove box which did include the cup holders, but that was a very easy task.

Once I got to the white plug by the fuse panel, there were only 5 wires:
- yellow
- small black
- large black
- blue w/ pink
- blue w/ grey

The blue wires were pinned so they were actually connected, but the yellow black and black were in vacant spots when compared to the female side of the connector. The adjacent yellow and (smaller) black wires were the microphone wires, the large black was the shield. The shield wire goes to the opposing end from the yellow wire in the harness.

So I simply removed the three pins from the male side, yellow and both black. I tested the yellow and black by inserting them directly into the female side; it worked (without the third black wire).

I inserted those three pins into the matching slots on the male site, including that third black wire (which I think is the shielding), tested once more (good!) and reassembled.

Voice command and bluetooth now both work. (I didn't have voice command before obviously.)