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Originally Posted by Cir14 View Post
My 2 cents / recent experience:
2007 328xi
~76,000 miles
Coolant light appeared a few months ago causing me to check the coolant reservoir which very low, well duh the light came on. Took it to the dealer and they topped it off no problem. I had a feeling that the water pump was approaching the end of its life.

Fast forward ~3 months, Friday 6:00PM, very congested area in rush hour Friday traffic. Yellow coolant, immediately following by a Red warning light then limp mode. Managed to get it into a nearby strip mall, donít ask me how but it wouldnít go above ~1-2K RPM's. Itís a manual transmission so after trying to start it (even though you're not supposed to) it would stall (1st restart). Waited a minute or two (freaking out the entire time) then started again revved it to like 2K and it moved <5mph off the road.

Got it towed to dealer, fixed for $53 under certified pre-owner warranty. They said that it would have been ~$1,100 to repair had it not been covered under the CPO.
Well my dealer quoated me 1600 for stat and water pump. When you are under warranty they do not tell you the correct prices.

When I had the HPFF replaced the dealer told its only 2 hours of labor, BS. if i was paying for it would have been at least 5 hours of labor.
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