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Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
Eh, Rory is indeed a fuckin beast. But I seriously don't see anybody beating BJ that badly, his worse loss was to Nate Diaz, he was completely dominated and I would hardly say that was a mercy killing. I'd compare Rory more to like Carlos Condit, I don't consider GSP deadly at all, Rory and Condit = deadly.
Yeah GSP is a tamed beast nowdays, thats why I said Rory is a more violent version of him. However, he is just as technical and precise as GSP, maybe its because he trains with him. On a sidenote, I would to see a GSP vs BlowJob III.

One of my close friends served as Penn's tour guide when he visited his base in Honolulu, he said that he is the nicest dude you will ever meet. His wife is hot too but yet again, if everyone had his kind of money...We all would be married to Ema Stones.
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