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If you can get it for the $24.5 imho i dont think thats a terrible price. I love my 10 328 cpe its been awesome SUPER reliable...the I6 is pretty much bulletproof so as long as you take care of her she will take care of you....the old saying "if your good to mama, she'll be good to you"

I would not purchase the extra maintenance, simply bc prepaid mantenance never pays for itself imho. How many oil changes, brakes, etc have you had done under your lease?

Personally, i would try to get them down on the CPO as well and the car....they have some flexibility in the CPO warranty i am told....also if you use only one dealer maybe try the third party warranty they endorse if you are truly wanting a warranty, which is always a good piece of mind. If you are contemplating getting a new coupe when they come out in a 1.5 then i would buy the car and run the risk of no warranty, if it has been a reliable car as you seem to state it has.

Sorry for the long post but recap
but the car at lowest price possible....haggle the CPO...dont do maintenance...keep the car till new coupe comes out ...decide if you like new coupe if not get something then you basically will have no car payment and lots of equity. Just my opinion take it or leave it