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I'm curious as to what they set the residual value at since there is known damage on the vehicle, BMW already tends to artifically inflate residual values to make lower lease payments attractive to customers. I would reevaluate your lease contract and decide if you can successfully re-negotiate your contract before signing the forms. You typically cant negotiate residual value or money factor (you can buy down MF), but you can negotiate selling price and maybe extended warranty or service (if you plan to keep the car).
I also dont know how warranty claims are handled if repair work was handled outside of BMW and you have a failure with a replaced part later down the road. Looks like BMW parts were used so it should not be an issue. I doubt the Volvo shop is a certified BMW repair center. This really may not matter or be applicable, but you may want to ask.
If you are really concerned, I would say investigate turning it in and negotiating on another vehicle.
Good luck!