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Originally Posted by MoBounce
Originally Posted by melloww22
Originally Posted by MoBounce
LOVE my Dinan tune. It seriously woke up the car. Reliability, more power than PPK and full warranty match. Peace of mind. I'd pay for it again. Just my opinion.
Dinan tune is not worth the price, if it were in the 900-1200 range it would be a different story... Also BMW dealers can not perform software upgrades without letting you know a visit to dinan will be needed to get your car tuned again...
It's mainly dealers who provide the Dinan tune. And how often will you need a ecu software update. Rarely. You are paying for peace of mind knowing you are 100% covered for repairs with the tune. Period.
I have not found one BMW dealer in the Tri state area that would perform, let alone support a Dinan tune. Does anyone from the Tri state area know of a dealer who would do this?

Currently I have the PPK. Does anyone know if Stage 2 parts are worth it if you already have the PPK stage one?