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Wobbly when braking


I have a problem with my 2006 e91.

When I'm braking from speed, like when coming off a motorway onto a slip, I get a lot of vibration in the car and the steering wheel. It does do it when when braking at slower speeds as well but is not as noticeable.
If I slow to a crawl and brake I think I can feel it "pinching" periodically like a buckled wheel on a bicycle would do.

I read some posts on here and other forums suggesting pad deposits and warped discs. So I started by doing some brake cleansing by braking hard from high speed a few times as per a tutorial. This didn't fix it.

Since my OBC said my pads would need changing in a few thousand miles, I thought I'd replace all 4 pads and the discs on the front too. After doing this I followed a bedding in tutorial. This has also not helped the problem.

I have also changed the wheels (from winter to summer) which hasn't helped.

There is no wobbling etc whilst driving at any speed so I don't think it's a balance problem.

Any pointers at what to try next, or where I should be looking?