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Hi mate,

Been waiting for someone to discuss this so I could bring it up too.

I hate the N54Tech website as it never seems to have 'clear' information although perhaps that is just me. That page you linked to for example has a load of words, but it doesn't say 'download XXXX firmware here' 'upload it like this' etc....

So here is what I am planning to do and I just wondered if you could assist me.

I have seen the first post has attached to it a file called 'N54_052312.HEX' and a Readme which I have downloaded.

When I get in the car I am going to put the car into first stage ignition with the USB cable (from the JB4) connected to my laptop, I will find the com port it has decided to go for and make sure that's all good, then I am going to go 'File>Upload Firmware' and then select the .HEX file above. I assume the rest will be straightforward and then I just switch on the car, start datalogging (if I want) and off I go, right?

Is the .HEX file meant to be only 81kb?

Anything else I might have missed?


PS - I would also like to reserve the right to completely switch off/on the fuel/oil guage hijack. Or actually, what I would like is to have the fuel guage hijack disabled and the oil temp guage to be switched on at 80%+ throttle. Can that be done? My current position is that both oil/fuel are set to hijack at what I THINK is 50% and fuel is clearly Boost, whilst Oil could be anything - its clearly different to the Fuel though.

Thanks again.