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Down with the N54.
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Ok, I tried this to no avail. Oilers are cheaply made and the oiler I found delivered air mixed in with the brake fluid. I tried to use a water bottle held upside down with a hose through the cap in place of the oiler. I forced a whole 12oz bottle of brake fluid up into the clutch system, and it the pedal was still mushy. I finally went back to my vacuum pump brake bleeder. I held just a few inches vacuum against the closed bleeder, and instructed my helper to slowly press the clutch pedal. I cracked open the bleeder for a split second and tons of fluid and bubbles came out. We did that 4 times, filled the res, 4 more times, filled the res, and 4 more times and we were good to go. The few inches of vacuum ensured no air could enter the bleeder, and the pressure on the pedal forced the air through the system.