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Connected Drive

Does anybody use their CIC media system for Connected Drive?

It's taken me a few days of fiddling to set some of the systems up. It's incredibly complicated and not helped by BMW's habit of giving reference numbers to various bits of kit that seem to duplicate themselves according to different models!

For instance, I specified the Professional Media in my E91. Now i assumed that I'd just be able to slip my iPhone into the cradle and access apps etc through the console. But, oh no!! There is no cradle supplied (although it connects nicely through bluetooth) then I realise that i havent specified the free 6NR apps upgrade at time of ordering. And it seems to be a pain to retrofit

So I do seem to have BMW online available now with news feeds and Google, WikiLocal etc, but no 'apps' as such. If the documentation had been clearer I would have ordered it then, but to be honest even the dealers didn't have a clue as to the differences!!

Anyone else experienced this?