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Originally Posted by Shahdog
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If you do not have the Dinan stage 2 tune and drive with it daily, its difficult to take you seriously on downing its performance or Dinan's backing of their product.

I had mine done at Motor Works West... but here are the many dealerships within 50 miles of Edgewater, NJ. (where I live) that sell, support and ENCOURAGE Dinan products and tunes.

For me, PPK wasn't an option since I don't have the 335is, the dealer won't install it. 3 different dealers all suggested Dinan (even the non-dinan dealerships)

If the tune causes any issues with the car that the dealership determines was because of the tune... the dealership contacts Dinan and they cut a check. It's only happened a handful of times from what I was told from the Dinan rep. The warranty is what you are paying a premium for. And for some, it is worth it. Me being one of them.
I definitely think the performance and price point are fine- my only concern was with the "warranty" I've been hearing about. Simply just a lack of knowing, and having two dealers say lol whut we don't support Dinan...maybe they need to be educated. I plan on keeping this 335 for quite some time, so price point is not at all a factor for a tune that would be backed lock stock and barrel by a BMW dealer as you say.

Excellent info Mo - I'll check that list out this week!
What does PPK have to do with 335is?

PPK wouldn't work on 335is

335is already has PPK

PPK is a way for other 335i to get to 335is power only without 8 sec turbo boost
BMW N. America will not allow the PPK on any non sport model 335i. You have to have certain options apparently. I've called BMWNA and been to 2 dealerships. They put in my VIN and they said no. Since I don't have the oil cooler and a certain sport package.
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