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Originally Posted by D's Bimmer View Post
Kenny, are you serious with your post?????

I can't even respond but it did make me laugh so kodo's. You need to read some more articles about torque and horsepower. They are not correlated my friend. More importantly, build an engine. Their are many variables that one can design and build into and engine depending on $$$ and desired usage. Rally, dragstrip, oval, etc.

I race an M3 and that car is proof of that point!

You can have a high or low torque engine with similair horsepower ratings.
Are you serious?

Your comment was that dinan makes the same torque as other tunes, but les hp.

Since you race cars, can you explain how, on the same car, you tune a car for the same torque, but less hp at the same rpm?

Hp = torque x rpm / 5250

Looking forward to your response.