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Originally Posted by ATS View Post
As much as I love technology and its ability to make life easier and more efficient every day, I don't want my next car to be a smartphone on wheels. I don't want it to have internet access, I don't want it to talk back to me (or even worse understand me!), or be able to do anything else than provide an outstanding analog driving experience. I want it with a real manual transmission, a real clutch, hydraulic steering (the less assisted the better), and with the least amount of gizmos that distract me from the driving experience, and more importantly, every other thing on the road!!
This is something I keep wondering about as well. Car manufacturers seem thus far to be insulated from the ongoing news saga of "driving while texting/phoning/etc". But they're very much complicit in the problem, as are consumers themselves.

The thing is, I don't see that news trend growing lighter in 2013/2014. I see it growing BIGGER. It's just too good a story -- a single, out-of-work mother of three gets thrown through the windshield and is found with her phone clutched in her death grip while her babies cry in their car seats back in the wreckage.... Journalists make their careers on stories than that, and sooner or later one of them is going to remember what a telephone is and start calling the manufacturers for "comments" about "proposed legislation".

Then things will get interesting. People don't like it when their toys get taken away.
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