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Matt - I was going to say you need to print off the steering wheel buttons cheat sheet and keep it in the car.

I'm putting on new FW at lunchtime!

The N54tech forum page give the latest interface software links near the top of post 1, but oddly the firmware download is always at the bottom of post 1. Updated cheat sheets are posted on post 1 when released.

The gauges are easy, just go through it logically and choose 'stealth mode' if you want normal gauges until 50% throttle. I use this to avoid upsetting the missus if she borrows the car. I use boost on fuel in stealth mode and keep oil on oil (oil temp is the one guage I want see 100% of the time!). It's perfect, quick blip on the downchange and up pops the boost gauge (sorry, you've got a playstation gearbox)

The Oil temp flasher is 160degF (about 75degC) so it is just above our minimum reading of 70degc, but its well on the way to warming up then, mines at 90 within a minute or two of 75.

Re the DPfix, you can 'auto code clear' with the JB4, but this will clear ALL codes and errors including ones you might want to see. But AFAIK when you set the JB4 to map zero (disconnected fron CAN bus) for service or to allow another CAN connection (OBD reader for example) then the CEL lights will come back on as the JB4 cannot see them anymore? Can anyone confirm this?

Personally i've hardwired in the old hardware DPfix so that just stops the error in the first place and it even preserves correct post CAT lambda readings so if the car was put on an OBD analyser it shows fully functioning CATs!
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