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I met an Audi RS6 (V10) today.... and I liked it

Very cheesie, but fun to share.... met an Audi RS6 V10 '10 today on the highway. Friendly driver and we drove a bit together... at a certain time we went from a 100km/h role flat out... and I sticked completly to his tail... pushing him... up to 200km/h...
A little further we had the pleasant luxury to stop both in front of a traffic light.... We had a good start, the RS took a bit in the first 100meters (Quatro I assume)... after that I was pulling on him and went over him... upto 220km/h.... then we took it back easy...

His face went from very friendly to nail biting hahaha.

And the best is, I was out of Meth... so without showing off... the car would have been able to beat this V10 RS6.... very very nice...

I love my RB-Procede driven BWM.... Always good to have a reference.....

And no I'm not about the fast and the furious... but some chances you have to take for the community ;-)
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