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Originally Posted by smallseafishie View Post
Let us know how it goes!
Originally Posted by Mallard View Post
yeps sorry , i am having the leather with heating elements fitted as we speak
Then i just need to put the wiring together , and it hopefully will be done
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Great to hear! My parts on on order and due by about 4/15. I plan to do the leather myself too
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Did anybody have any luck?
OK, a long overdue update on my progress. First of all I managed to obtain a DVD of BMW TIS from 12/2007 from an Ebay seller. Installation of the SW was a little tricky on my Windows 7 64-bit machine as TIS has to run under a virtual windows XP. I was able to obtain all of the service procedures for seat removal and disassembly. However there were a few discrepancies that probably relate to the age of my TIS version. To my knowledge a newer version is not available outside of the BMW dealer.

I completed the driver seat upgrade over the weekend. Too many steps to list and it's basically covered in TIS but there were a few extra things. I needed to adjust the seatback from fully flat (needed for removal / installation of the seat bottom cushion) to full upright (needed to remove seat back panel). The side airbag had to be removed (two 10mm nuts inside the seat and I left the electrical dangling). I removed the seat bottom cushion completely but did not (could not) remove the headrest so I just pulled the seatback cushion inside out to work on it. The thigh support cushion was removed but the leather remains attached at the end away from the seat edge.

The thigh support was first. The heating element is adhered to the cushion and the wire harness snaps into a slot in the frame.

The seat bottom cushion had 12 visible hog rings to cut. After doing that there are several hog rings that have to be accessed by folding back the leather and reaching down into the channels in the cushion. The sides have to be done first, then the retaining wires are pulled from their sleeves and then the leather can be folded in the other direction to access the hog rings in the horizontal channels. After releasing all the hog rings and pulling out the remnants, the heating element can be adhered to the seat cushion. The leather is reattached as a reversal of the former steps. The vertical channels are done after re-inserting the retaining wires. Lastly the leather is pulled around the edges and the 12 rings are installed on the bottom. There is a hole in the foam to accomodate the wire harness.

The seatback is done similarly however all the hog rings are hidden in channels. First the verticals, then pulling the retaining wires, then the horizontal ones. The heating element is adhered as before and the leather is re-attached with new hog rings. I had to take care to position the foam after having turned the leather inside out to access the last hog rings.

After completing the seat assembly I installed the seat back in the car and made the mistake of turning on the car without all electrical re-connected which set off an error in the seatbelt / airbag system. I was able to clear the error using my OBDII cable and INPA.

Seat heating on the driver side is now fully functional
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