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Originally Posted by asus389 View Post
I think that we are over thinking this. Siri already works over Bluetooth with many Bluetooth headsets. All you do is press and hold and talk button on the headset and it activates the built in voice command/dial functionality. In the case of the iPhone this triggers Siri. The only reason this doesn't already work in our BMWs is that BMW tried to get fancy and have their own voice command system. This may have been a good idea back in the day when everyone had a "dumb phone", but with smartphones it makes more sense to defer to the phone itself. In other words, I bet they could get this working right now if they just got out of their own way, disabled their own voice system, and made their Bluetooth implementation function more like a "dumb" $30 headset. Lets leave cars to car makers and advanced AI and voice control software to software companies like Apple or Google. :-)
True, but then you'd lose voice command of the car's functions, e.g. navigation, climate control, music, etc. I personally don't use voice control at all so I wouldn't miss it (though I never use Siri either), but I can see why BMW wouldn't just want to abandon voice control entirely -- plus, think of the outcry from non-iPhone users who would (rightfully) be pissed off that functionality on the car they paid for was being eliminated to support a feature that requires a phone they don't even have. No, I think updating the software so that saying "Siri" at the beginning or long-pressing the voice button redirects the command to the phone is the way to go.
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