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Originally Posted by techwhiz View Post
So I ride a 1998 VFR800 with 110 HP and 60Ft/lbs of torque. Any R6 has a minimum of 115 HP at the crank. I'm not sure about torque.

My VFR weighs in at 400 lbs and with me on it about 580 lbs.

That gives a hp to weight ratio of 1/5.8
I'll "give" you 400 hp (it doesn't matter) and a 3600 lb car.
Ratio is 1/12.

So you want us to believe you can outrun a vehicle with a power to weight ratio that is double and some of your car???

As an owner of an open class bike and a 335i, I'll say this.
While a 335 is a respectable car, there is no eff'n way you can even get close to a bike.
The performance of modern sport bikes is so extreme that unless you are driving a Veyron or some other monster car, don't even bother trying to race a bike.

The only way a car keeps up in a straight line with a modern sport bike is if the person,
1. Can't ride or is afraid to push it
2. Didn't want to suck you up the tailpipe

Cars don't beat bikes in drag or roll on and you can't out brake a bike either.
Corners are actually different and a car with real sticky tires can out corner a bike.
I've owned a number of potent street bikes, the most recent a piped, tuned and geared 2005 GSXR1000. I say to you: Get real! There are a number of cars you can take off the showroom floor and be right next to a modern 600cc bike through the quarter mile. Take it out for an extended high speed run and the bike is at a huge aerodynamic disadvantage. Start throwing mods at these cars and you can get into liter bike territory quickly.

Motorcycles have the same issue braking that they do going around turns. It's all about coefficient of friction where the rubber meets the road. Most sport bikes can stop from 60 mph in around 120 feet. Sport cars (and even sporty cars) with sticky tires can do it in closer to 100 feet.