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Originally Posted by Lulz_M3 View Post
uh, what?! I think i know what you are trying to say, maybe im not understanding what you meant by this statement "a number of cars." Last time i checked there was very few off the showroom cars that can trap 120+ out of the box... a Dinan S2/Jb+ stacked 335i not being one of them

Not vouching for the OP and his run. ZR1 Corvette, GTR, Porsche 911 Turbo and of course some exotics. All capable of 120+ mph traps and while they are expensive cars, it doesn't require a Bugatti Veyron as indicated by the poster I responded to, to keep up with 600cc bikes. Put these cars on the freeway with a 600cc sport bike and all of these cars will walk a 600cc bike after ~130mph. Drag starts to play a much larger factor than weight at these speeds and a motorcycle's aerodynamics suck compared to a sports car. Start modding some of these supercars and you can put them well into 9-second ETs and well into the 140 - 150mph trap range.

Why do some of you believe liter bikes are untouchable by anything on four wheels?