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Thank you everyone...!

Originally Posted by Mirage17738 View Post
If you have kids, tint the windows first, don't want them coming out all red looking when they fall asleep in the back with the sun beating down on them.

Then suspension next, followed by wheels. Not the other way around, the 4x4 look is thumbs down.

No kids

Originally Posted by AtlasDoc View Post
I have a pair of chrome 19" Ruff Racing wheels that I'm looking to trade for 18" rims! Let me know if your interested in a trade. The rims are on my car in these pictures.
Sorry bro not the rim's I'm quite looking for

Originally Posted by itsmeek View Post
Detail, grill, maintenance, JB4, tint, ae's, suspension, wheels.

And please, don't buy those ugly ass chrome rims from the poster above.
Not a chance

Originally Posted by omax2008 View Post
If you are thinking springs/shocks then do the suspension first cus the drop is the drop. If you want coilovers, get the wheels/tires first then do the suspension. Reason being that you might want to adjust the height again after you swap for new wheels then you will need another alignment.

Everything else is cosmetic and can be done whenever
I think that makes sense. I might go this route.

Thanks again.