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Originally Posted by Turbo>NA View Post
So op,

You don't recommend 09 gtrs? Due to problems?

Your Suggesting 2010 and higher?
theres nothing wrong with 09 cars. My car is actually a 09

Its all in the LC programing

the 2009s came with LC1 which was very violent and hard on the trans. Nissan has flashed most cars with LC2 now but if the car was launched alot on LC1 the trans can be sketchy

Curently there are 5 versions of LC that can all be flashed on the car with a Cobb and customized

I still run LC1 but i have a built trans in my car with straight cut gears

IMO.. if you plan on getting a Cobb and custom tune, performance wise 2009-2013 are mainly the same. Just make your best deal on one

2012/13s have just some piping upgades from the factory stock and minor exterior/ interior upgrades.

To me id buy a used 09/10 in good condition and used the $$ i saved to mod it

Cars with a tune, injectors and intakes on E85 run low 10s (10.3) on stock exhaust/stock wheels and tires