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Appealing a guilty verdict to a parking violation

Hey guys,
I received a parking ticket in downtown Manhattan, where the ticketing officer did not fill out the ticket correctly. The judge presiding over my initial request for review rejected my move to dismiss the ticket on the grounds that the picture I sent him, or her, was not clean enough to see the dates on the sticker. While I can clearly see what the sticker says in the picture, I guess one has to assume that the judges in the case are blind and, must provide a near-macro shot.

In any case, I'm going to appeal the decision but, I wanted to poll the NYC/Northern NJ drivers here and see if they have any experience with the appeal process. I've got a few questions:

The appeals website here suggests that one must turn up in person to go through the appeals process, exclusively. Is that true? I'd rather do this by mail/electronically, if possible.

I wanted to just pay the ticket now so that I do not incur any late fees or charges. Can I actually except the city of NYC to return my money, should the judge actually be able to see what the registration sticker says once I show him the 18mp close-up shot of the registration sticker?

Have any of you been successful appealing a ticket in this manner? I'd wager that the city of New York wouldn't be to lenient here, even though the office did not fill out the ticket correctly.