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Why is my Oil Service light going on and off? My first BMW

Hi everyone,

This is my first time being on a forum, and my first time owning a BMW. After driving my BMW, I've noticed a small problem that I'm hoping to get answers. When starting my 2007 BMW 328i, everything is fine, but after driving it for a bit, the "exclamation triangle" light came on, and it's indicating I need an oil change. It doesn't make sense because the oil level was regular for so long. I checked my oil levels and it is at MIN.

This morning, I turned on my car, drove it to work and the light didn't come on, so I checked the oil levels, and it was half full, perfectly normal. One day the oil light goes on indicating low oil level, and the next, no light and everything is perfectly fine.

I really don't want to spend any resources getting this fixed if there's a quick, DIY solution. Any suggestions, advice, and help is GREATLY appreciated.