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The funny thing is BMW has people so confused, people are advertising their for-sale used N55 powered BMW's as twin turbo in the very ads they are trying to sell them in.

Originally Posted by csween86 View Post
It's marketing bro. For example bmw going to the n55 over the n54 in the 35i ranges....think about someone stuck between buying a 135i n55 or n54, "isn't twin turbo better?". The n55 is cheaper, lighter, easier to build, more fuel efficient than the n54, and puts out just about the same power(stock out of the factory that is/exclude is models and the 1m), that's why it took over. I assume BMW thinks people will think one less turbo(the n55) means less performance out of the factory, so they market the name "twin power" to assure people the n55 still has the performance of the old "twin turbo" n54 in the 135i. Their not calling it a twin turbo, but rather suggesting it performs as if it were one. That's just my opinion of it, not trying to sound like a know it all lol, I could be way off. And please people don't start a n54 is better than n55 thing after this comment. Yes the n54 has more tuning potential but the n55 is cheaper,lighter,more fuel efficient and still holds the 300/300 numbers so why would bmw keep dropping the more expensive n54 into the 35i range when they can just put the n55. BMW only cares about the image of their engines out of the factory and not so much about their tuning potential. This saves them money while holding up power figures and their "efficient dynamics" thingy. And they still keep the n54 around for the higher performing models, its a win win for them. And Gnip you also make a valid case.