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waste gate warranty?

In North America, they extended the warranty of the wastegate to 8 years. For the N54 of course.

I don't understand why Hong Kong BMW's are not affected by BMW NA's recall's.
I had called the service center previously and they told me the wastegate issues only affected NA BMW's and not Bmw's. Aren't our part numbers the same? My wastegate/s have been a total PITA. I don't think its fair that the cars came out of the same factory with the same part numbers and yet we get the short end of the stick.

Update: I've emailed BMW corporate hoping that they can clarify

Just got an update. BMW HQ had gotten back to me regarding this issue. They have gotten somebody from BMW HKG to specifically handle this case, they seem to be much more involved now. They say that the recall affects cars worldwide depending if it is in the affected VIN number. Thats much better clarification as they were giving me misleading information previously. At least we know that BMW HQ does stand behind their cars.

I'm actually suprised that none of you have responded haha. i would think some other bro's would be interested in this or they already knew and didn't tell me =(

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