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Originally Posted by kamek View Post
The cost of the piping itself is relatively much more expensive than the cost of labor. I did pay $15 per weld, but I think I paid somewhere around $100 for the piping, if not more (for some reason I'm recalling paying around $120, but I also remember being surprised by the cost when it was sprung on me, so $180 may not be far off). I don't see why the shop would hold the legality issues against you if they're just doing a job per your request.

As for difficulty, my mid-pipe was taken off (I only have it clamped), secondary cats cut off, and the piping welded in. I wasn't told it was anything more difficult than a simple weld job.

Just have them break down their pricing for you and see if you deem it fair. If the shop is charging more to do something "illegal" because they're having problems coping with "legality issues," then the shop isn't any more moral and should just do the damn job lol.
Originally Posted by mikeokimster View Post
Due to the cats being on the curvature of the bend it is tough. The spacing within the cats is close. I paid 140
I'm getting another quote today. If it comes down to it, I guess I don't mind paying a little more for a quality job. I will probably haggle them down while I'm at it. Were you guys told you can't weld the cats back in?