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Originally Posted by dluke View Post
hey all,
so i still haven't figured out why my NCS is unable to read the nettodat file when trying to change the blink count. but if anyone else is having trouble with changing this feature via the nettodat method, i was able to successfully change my turn signal blink count to 6 blinks through a different method. although same as with the nettodat method, changing it within the idrive afterwards will erase it, but it will stay otherwise. also just incase, i did this on my 06 e90 330i, whether or not it will work in the same manor on other years/models i have no idea. so anyways what i ended up doing was editing the daten file for the module containing the blink count (btw many hours of research went into this.. didnt just go in and start changing the daten file blindly). for me the daten file i needed to change was FRMFA.C11. first disassembled the file with NCS Dummy (Thanks to Revtor for creating an amazing program). then located the function MIND_ANZ_ZYKL_TIPP_BLK. (the disassembled file will look something like the attached pic) then just changed the highlighted field on the attached pic from '01' to '06' for six blinks. then re-assembled the file with NCS Dummy. **before you replace the original daten file with the new edited one you will want to get an FSW TRC file with the triple blink turned off. then create a PSW MAN with that trace file without changing anything. now replace the original daten file with the edited one and then just code the unedited .MAN file to the car. now after the coding is done just double check that your triple turn signal is turned off and turn your car off, then turn the car back on and tap your blinker!
-any questions or need me to explain anything or explain why this works just PM me.
-btw thanks to everyone that paved the way for us new coders

If I'm not wrong the instructions result in changing the single blink setting on the stalk to use 6 blinks and the triple blink setting on the stalk should work normally. I plan to try to change the second line in the file from a value of 3 to 5 to get five blinks. If it works I will have single blink or 5 blinks selecteable with the stalk. Or I could be completely mistaken
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