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Originally Posted by 335REGULATION View Post
Killer combo! (I'm biassed, excuse my English please) 4 years aprox. in this forum and have not seen it!

Suggestions: take the tints off. The color combo is a german classic! Have fun and rock it! Maybe some springs, reflector delete, spacers, mtech bumper and a lip spoiler. That said, beautiful as is!!!! Congrats!
You think I should take the tint off? Interesting, I will give that some thought actually. The car is at the body shop as we speak. I ordered the OEM Euro M-Tech retrofit kit. This will replace the front, side and rear of the car. The beauty of the European M-Tech is that their front bumpers do not have those butt ugly side reflectors!

I have put on spacers since these pics were taken. 15mm on the backs and 12mm on the front with the stock, staggered 18 wheel set up for now. When these tires go, which may be soon, I will likely replace them with non-RFT's but will likely stay with 18's as I like the clean look of these rims for now.

As for springs, I am undecided on this one. I have heard that springs will lower the car a little further but have issues with ride quality and can prematurely wear the shocks. I was thinking of holding out for KW V1's but since I live in Canada, I am concerned about the winters and the liquid salt they use of the roads now. I was thinking of upgrading the the BMW performance springs. Any thoughts on what to do here?

I will post some "after" pics in a couple of weeks once I get my car back.

Much appreciated.
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