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Someone WALKED ON my car- Damage Estimate please

Came out the morning of the 3rd to find this on my car.

Name:  foot front.jpg
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Looks like a drunk kid jumped on my rear bumper and then mounted my trunk and ran across my roof then jumped on my hood and then down. Left perfect finger prints on trunk (cops wouldnt pull them) and nice dents all across my car.

Obviously Im pissed. I got a police report and will be getting quotes to get it fixed through my comprehensive coverage.

I want some qualified or educated guesses if possible from some people.

I went to a PDR shop and they told me the location and depth of the dents is not fixable. They said the hood is toast since its aluminum, and they couldnt do anything to the roof. Said most likely $3000+ in damage

Thanks in advance.

Rear Bumper
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Finger Prints
Name:  Finger PRints.jpg
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Name:  shark dent rear.jpg
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Name:  shark dent.jpg
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Name:  sunroof foot.jpg
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Name:  foot wiper.jpg
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Name:  foot front.jpg
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