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Originally Posted by dluke View Post
sort of.. i was hoping that this method would be permanent but unfortunately just like as with the nettodata method, the only problem is that once you do the coding you can not change it on the stalk or within idrive or it will erase the coding and you will have to code it again to get it back. so once you do the coding you can not toggle from one blink count to the other. so you're just gonna need to pick a number you want and just leave it (i actually ended up changing mine to 7 blinks which now i think is perfect, six just wasnt enough for me). and so it doesnt really matter whether you choose to edit the first or the second line, just which ever one you choose then when you write the FSW_PSW to the car you will just need to make sure that the value for MIND_ANZ(whatever the rest is) is wert_1 if you edit the first line or wert_2 if you edit the second
Ah yes, my selective memory forgot about it not being persistent. Thanks for the reminder

Changing the second line didn't work at all. I changed the first line per your instructions and it worked perfectly

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