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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post

Which are the staggered fitments for the non-m E90?
I'd love to run a 255 tire up front and 275 out back if it fits.
Also, if you need a test fit car, I'm available. No camber plates or coilovers though. Just dropped 1/2" from sport susp on BMWPS springs.
fitting 255's up front on stock or lowered car without camber plates is difficult. Some narrower tires in that size can fit but meaty tires would be an issue.

18x8.5" ET35 is the wheel to run on the front of an E9X for street use. Most owners run 235/40/18 on this size. 245/40/18 can work but it rather tall. 255/35/18 has worked on some stock cars, but 90% of the time this size causes rubbing unless camber plates are used.

18x9" ET31 is our custom size for the non-m E9X but the assumption is that it is being used with a meaty 255 tire, and so it will need added negative camber in front to fit. With narrower tire sizes it may fit a stock car but that was not our intention. This size can be used square on pre-LCI models with 255's if the front fitment works, as it's a clean rear fitment. on LCI models this wheel would most likely require a fender roll in the rear even with a 255 tire.

18x9" ET42 is our older fitment. It used to be used with a 10-12mm spacer to fit up front but it's been replaced with the spacer free 18x9" ET31 fitment. This wheel is a perfect rear fitment for LCI models and can fit with 265/35/18 tires.

18x9.5" ET35 is our direct bolt on rear wheel for the pre-lci model. This is an easy fit with 265/35 rear tires, and in most cases a 275/35/18 fits no problem. this wheel with a 265/35/18 just barely fits an LCI model if a narrow tire is used. With fender rolling, meatier 265's can be used.

18x9.5" ET43 is the wheel we recommend for LCI models that want to run meaty tires like 265 or 275. We have not performed the 275 test on the LCI yet, but everything we've seen shows this will work.

Originally Posted by 335 oClock
depends on offset? according to that photo and the information to the right - it is not the offsets that make the difference, it is the "profile" "1", "2", or "3".

profile 2 and 3 some have similar sizes and offsets, but they are in a different "profile"

my question is are ALL of the wheels in profile 2 the same concavity, as portrayed in that photo?

Also, if I were to go with 18x10 et 33 , how much could I shave off to increase offset?

Your original question was if the concavity depended on the wheel width or the offset. I answered offset, because if you look at the chart you can see that 9.5" wheel can be found in all 3 profiles. By looking at the needed offset, you can see which profile it is. You are correct, the profile # is the absolute way of determining which face you would get.

All the wheels in each category have the same spoke concavity. Only the center area and the depth of the whole drilled for the lugs is different. So the face is essentially 95% similar.

You cannot shave off any material to increase the offset without putting the wheel at great risk of complete failure. The holes are drilled to a specific depth and any removal of material would significantly weaken this key area. If you need a higher offset, we recommend the 18x10" ET43 wheel plus a spacer.

Saw these @ Bimmerfest, look great. Do they clear AP7100 Caliper (14.5")?
Yes, the wheels clear this kit

Originally Posted by VaDuro
Ok, now it's getting interesting, please verify fitment on non-m non-sport suspension on e90.

I am looking at 8.5 et35 front and 10" 33 rear.

Group buy, pre-order, lets goooooo!
The fronts we know work. The 10's we will test with various sizes. The ET33 10" wheel is 8mm more aggressive than the 18x9.5" ET35 wheel. We know many have run 18x10" ET25 on pre-LCI models so we don't believe we'll encounter an issue during testing.

What would be the widest setup for a track staggered on e92?

Possibly a

18x9.5" ET35 - 21.70lbs
with 255/35/18


18x10" ET33 - 22.50lbs
with 275/35/18
Assuming this is a pre-LCI non-m, 18x9.5" wheels up front is an extremely difficult fitment for most owners, and we do not recommend it. If the spring perch is above the tire (it is not with most coilovers) then a 5mm spacer at the minimum would be needed to clear the strut tube, and negative camber would have to be set to maximum. If a 265 tire were used, then fenders would need to be shaved. There would also be rubbing on the inner frame and fender liner.

The recommended track setup is the 18x9" ET31 wheel up front with a 255 tire. Anything more aggressive and the fitment becomes significantly more difficult.

18x10" ET33 with 275/35/18 could work for a track setup on pre-lci models. Some tires like r-compounds may need a rear fender roll.

Here's a photo of 18x9" ET31 and 18x9.5" ET35 wrapped in 255/35/18 and 265/35/18 Toyo R888's