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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Funny, I was thinking likewise, in mirror image I mean. Let's start: 55 is 1 more than 54, it is newer, cleaner, more efficient, has twin scroll technology etc. etc. all these makes no sense to me, doesn't proove a thing and it for sure was not enough for the judges as well.

At the end, if you like the engine in your car good for you, you could do that without spitting on others; it doesn't need to impress anybody else other than yourself. N55 of course is a fine engine and I personally prefer the N54 under actual circumstances, such a big deal! This can change in the future when they start thinking bigger about that N55 and not just the emissions and so and give it a push it needs. Even BMW M division prefered the N54 when they needed to make a choice for the 1M project or for the Z4is or for the pepped up 335 which is 335is, according to you M divison and other engineers and executives in BMW were also people with their heads up their asses I assume. We all are stupid stupid people including this worthless Award judges.

It would be respectful for some guys to just say that congratulations to N54 for yet another win as it is an important milestone engine for BMW, instead of finding bizarre excuses about why they voted for it and not for your own car's engine. I for sure will be happy for N55 owners when it starts to get more serious and gets more acclaim and consequently wipe some awards too.
Well first of all im not a fanatic on any engine im just defending the typical war that goes from N54 guys, which in most cases feel threatened by the N55 engine and they start all this no sense war by "degrading" the N55. Maybe havent you think that BMW M chose the N54 just to not threaten to much the current M3?? Why couldn't it by that way? Has en any BMW M engineer tell you personally the N54 is better? I feel free to spoke of both engines as i have been an owner of both (actually of the 3 of them) the original N54, the N55, the N55 with PPK 2 + DCT, and the N54T and i can really tell you the N55 with PPK + DCT is actually faster than the N54T (im not saying any engine es better over the other), also many times M owners feel threaten by other BMW cars or other brand cars and they try to think that because they own an M car there's nothing better out there and this isn't true. I think im trying to tell that actually all this fights are no sense and that for truly speaking of other car people should have driven it for a reasonable time so they can give opinions with real life experience not just some brochures data