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Router and repeater

I'm looking to expand the range of our wireless router and I need some guidance with choosing the appropriate solution/hardware.

The current set up is cable modem from which the ethernet goes into the wifi router (an Asus RT15).

  • I was thinking of buying a new router and a repeater(s) to extend range.
  • I have heard of the power line adaptors but I'm not sure how effective they are, also another issue is that this application requires european two round pin plugs. If I used three pin with an adaptor, would it still work?
  • I have also thought about having ethernet cable run up to the third level, but this isn't the neatest of solution. How would extreme would effect performance if the cable was run along the outside of the building?

The building is split over three levels and I'd like to have wifi on the third. Its around 1000 sq ft of space. Currently only the room directly above where the router is gets good signal. The construction doesn't help signal penetration here because the building is a constructed I think out of concrete blocks and everything is pretty damn solid.