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I love the user tunability of the Procede. I love that I can adjust the IAT safety thresholds and any of the maps I want (for the most part) to make the most power for *my* car that runs on the awesome gas we have in the midwest (94 octane, E85, whatever).

I do *NOT* like the customer service, so far. Thank god Kalud (user on this forum) is so helpful and experienced with the Procede - Vishnu Performance really should pay him, or offer a discount to him or something, he's helped a lot of us when they wouldn't.

I've called Vishnu 3 times since owning the unit and have never talked to a live person and have never received return phone call. When I ordered the unit, I asked if it was in stock first, Robert was very quick and responding to my PM's *until* I sent my money. Then it took days to respond only to find out they didn't have parts in stock.

It's a great product, and if it weren't for the possibility of a procede control big single for the N55 looming in the distant future, I might have gone JB4. Especially since they are putting out the E85 maps soon and God knows if us Proceders will ever get support.

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