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I was at the BMW Welt last week. I was kind of surprised to see a lot of the stands/exhibits closed off with tall plywood and interactive tv displays put in place. When I asked about it with the Welt staff... they informed me that the Welt is being remodeled for its fifth anniversary this October! Some of the display areas will be finished before that date. For instance where they had that Individual 7er with the Steinway piano under the steps, that will now be a Rolls Royce display - should be finished by end of July. The area across from the Cafe on the first floor will be a M car display and should be finished in time for the DTM exhibition in mid July. The area near where the factory tours start will be also finished later this summer. Here are some pics...

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BMW is parking some of the display cars outside daily...
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future Rolls Royce stand (right) under the steps
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M6 in San Marino Blue...
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