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Originally Posted by jeffb335 View Post
all I can say is that im not rationalizing anything....the setup in my E92 sounds better than almost any stereo Ive ever heard, BUT it took 2 months of trial and error and being where you are at now before I got it right.

Its been well established that the MS-8 is problematic in the 3 series....something about the setup in our cars just doesnt work with the MS-8 algorithm.....if I recall wasn't the consensus that peaky midbass from the underseats was to blame? So a simple plug and play autotune isnt going to happen for us. BUT that doesnt mean that it cant work.

It was my experience that the "kaigoss workaround" worked pretty much from the wasnt perfect but it was pretty good from the first calibration. I eventually worked out my own method but kaigoss's got me 90% of the way there.

For the bluetooth issue....JBLs fix isnt perfect but it works well enough, I just have to remember to push the button on the remote to disable the delay when I get a call.

I understand if this is more nonsense than you want to deal with so do what you got to do!
Yeah, 2 months of trial and error and then I have to mount the remote in an accessible spot if I want my bluetooth to work, when I don't even want it in the car after calibration. The MS-8 was supposedly developed around the E90 and it can't deal with it Sadly there is not a single sophisticated/reliable installer left in this region of 2 million people. Otherwise I'd just hand it over and make it their problem and eat some big $$$. Can't even do that.