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Originally Posted by SVO View Post
Yeah, 2 months of trial and error and then I have to mount the remote in an accessible spot if I want my bluetooth to work, when I don't even want it in the car after calibration. The MS-8 was supposedly developed around the E90 and it can't deal with it Sadly there is not a single sophisticated/reliable installer left in this region of 2 million people. Otherwise I'd just hand it over and make it their problem and eat some big $$$. Can't even do that.
I don't think the MS-8 was developed with the BMW set up in mind. In fact, in another thread, the PM from JBL is asking for volunteers to experiment with new software and new setup techniques precisely because the mid-bass underseat woofers are not something they designed for. There are workarounds discussed in this thread, especially for people that have added real subwoofers and need to game the process to get the right sound, but I think it's well established as I read through this thread that this unit CAN work well in our cars, but wasn't tested or developed with them in mind.
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