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Originally Posted by dtwyim View Post
As a parent myself, I cannot believe you let Kylie not wear the shoulder belt properly
I'm working on that. She is not my daughter though I try to treat her as if she is. Love her to death. Her father who is no longer in the picture raised her to wear her belt like that and i'm changing it slowly.

thanks for the concern, seriously.

Originally Posted by DSB335d View Post
Nice!! A friend has a '99 e36 M3 I've been trying to talk him into to boosting it. What kind of numbers are you making? What turbo kit?
its a technique tuning stage II kit with just about everything changed. gt35r turbo, i'm out of injector with 42lb injectors at 14psi. I'm running 100% meth in a large quantity to run around 15psi. Should be ~490-500whp on a dynojet. Car weighs 3190. Its a very fun street car, full boost by 3100rpms. Huge torque, with the oversized drag radials its huge fun. larger injectors and retune and it would be solidly in the 500's but for now i'm saving to build the engine and push more. I'm in no rush, its huge fun.

Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
I have been going back an forth about purchasing the skeleton case and an external mic for my GoPro. This video ends that. The car sounds great. I was laughing every time you went WOT. Sounds awesome!

Did you also add a noise canceling adapter to the mic, or is is just out of the box?
its a stock setup with a Olympus stereo mic, Me-something off amazon. search for a gopro external mic and it will come up.