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Repeaters are junk

I bought 4 home plugs and setup a couple of wifi routers as access points in addition to the main wifi router, ie turned off dhcp unless it's an actual access point. Set the ssid and password the same and same encryption type. I believe the channels can be different.

Then plug them into the home plugs and other end home plug to router. Providing your on the same electrical circuit the main router will give out dhcp fine. You can also wirelessly roam around the house with almost seamless handover (a device might take literally 2 seconds to hook onto the new signal, no reconnecting manually if all is set up right).

I used a android app called wifi analyser which helped me choose the wifi channels with the most transmitting power and position the wifi boxes. Took me ages to finally get to this solution.

To note: when a home plug says 85mbps expect like 20mbps. Even plugged in adjacent rooms. Get at least 200mbps ones.

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