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Originally Posted by csween86 View Post
I never said my theory was fact. I just figured I'd throw my opinion out there for ideas. I did agree with Gnip Gnop that since it is a twin scroll turbo, that could be a very good reason why it is called "twin power turbo." I just took it as: twin power turbo=turbo w/ power of 2, and figured because a lot of people think 1 turbo compared to 2 is bad...... Anyway, exactly what is a twin scroll turbo? For example the n55, it is my understanding that the exhaust manifold has the cylinders hooked up in 2 pairs of 3, instead of all 6 cylinders in 1, preventing certain cylinders exhaust back-flows from affecting another's when they fire? I see some people saying there are two turbine blades, one for high revs and the other for low(wasn't that the function of having 2 turbos in the n54)???
On a twin scroll turbo, the turbine side of the turbo(exhaust) is split into two channels to turn one turbine. The two channels are coupled with 3 cylinders to each channel. Having it split allows the turbo to spool up quicker are reach peak torque at a very low RPM, due to the exhaust gasses having a higher velocity.