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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335
Originally Posted by WhiteonWheat
Interested, since I haven't heard much (personally) on the N55 Dinan route. Do you mind me asking how much it was for the entire thing? How much torque are you making? "More than an M5", really!? wow dude!!
Well, it's 2k for the tune. 55 HP and something like 101 torque. I was told by the Dinan rep that with 93 octane, Stage 2, and their free flow exhaust I am making more torque than an M5. Not sure if this is true, just going by what he told me. Now HP, that is another story
Hopefully other N55ers and Stage 2 with the Dinan exhaust folks can chime in with more info?
All I can say for sure is that it is completely daily driver when you want it to be, and a fucking bat out of hell when you need it to be.
The warranty and peace of mind of walking into any BMW dealer and getting service and warranty work done without worrying they're going to find my piggyback tune and void me just works for me.
Many will say I got raped, some will call me a baller- I say I am 110% happy and satisfied with this car now

Some people have different goals than others. I was considering the dinan but for me for the same amount of money I could be making considerably more power but with more risks. My car has already gone through so much so wth lol. I am receiving my meth kit tommorow and a dyno on Wednesday or Thursday
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