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bad bad bad. First time around ordered a full body kit for my old car. Came in about 15 days. Decent fit not perfect, side skirts are short back bumper was eh explained later... Had an accident 2 months later, ordered a new front bumper, fog lights, and black grills. Yes its in stock. Bumper gets a delay in shipping for a week while I'm waiting for it to show up and car is at the shop. Comes in way late and guess what its wrong. I had the 04 PDC which is larger they sent me the small holes and holders for the large PDC. The holders I had in the rear bumper of my old kit and the holders fall out with the tiniest of bumps. So i call over we go back and forth for weeks, meanwhile they tell me to take it to a body shop have new holes drilled. Why should I pay for their mix up??? So more phone calls the pre lci one is coming in this week etc blah blah blah. Finally 6 weeks later (put my old stock bumper back on) I ordered a new one from Trinity had it in 4 days. I request my money back for the bumper the owner tells me NO you've had it for to long. I kept the emails if anyone wants to see what an asshole he really is. So contacted my credit card company filed a claim. They did not respond so I got my money back and a free bumper!!!!! hahaha