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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
SO I needed to order some replacement OEM bits (lower cowl cause I cracked one of the clips like a jackass, 2 VANOS solenoids + a valve cover gasket). Contacted Tischer & PRS, both gave me great prices. Well BMW Morristown (ask for Mike in Internet Parts Sales) really wants to make a sale because they undercut both of them, there won't be a shipping cost AND anything not in stock would get 2-day mailed to the dealer.

So for anyone close to BMW Morristown, I'd say get estimates for w/e you need & then see if you can get them to price match/undercut. Now I'm strongly considering the M3 suspension components now since they'd offer a good deal on those bits too
bmw morristown is an open road dealer right?

im a little shocked over here.