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Talking E46 M3 review (nearly) 6 months in..

Hi Guys & Girls,

I thought I'd give some feedback as to what I think of the M3 so far.

I decided to do this, a month or so early due to having just had a lovely (local) country drive this afternoon.

The M3 ever since the E46 version came out was always a benchmark car for me.. A car that all others were measured against, not least my previous re-mapped 335d.

I can see why I (& many others) consider it as a benchmark car. Its just a everyday, very useable FAST Sports/High Performance vehicle without a doubt.

The looks:

Even after all these years that lovely looking highly enhanced E46 body looks fantastic in any lighting conditons. The bolstered chunky arches only hinting at the ultimate pace setting performance underneath that bonnet bulge. The 4 subtle exhausts poking menacingly from the rear giving even non car enthusiasts an idea of what the car is all about

I still think the 19" diamond cut rims suit the car soooo much. I really do love them. I get admiring glances from young and old alike. It is a very special looking car. Wears its age well.

The Performance:

The performance, coming from the tuned 335d at first does feel lacking, its lacking that explosive shove from the bottom end which the 335d is so well endowed with.

Right away it feels more conected to the road than the 335d coupe. The steering far more direct, the body roll far less pronounced. It feels ''Ready'' for a complete and utter tarmac terrorising session..... all the time

You soon realise, this car is not that quick untill you really are hard on it. There is just one gradual linear pulling sensation from 2k all the way to the heady 8k redline. But its a steady build up, which really does start to come on-song at 5k.. In reality anything below this is no good for fast road driving.

When I got it, I was telling anyone who asked, that it was definitely not as fast as the mapped 335d, it didn't pull as hard and didn't ''feel'' as quick. I mean of course it isn't... I raced so many at Santa Pod and BEAT THEM ALL in the denzil NEVER GOT troubled on the road...

I raced many E46 M3 when I had my denzil, they always seem to do 13.7-14.0 1/4mile times with 102-104mph

So I thought it was my turn to go up Santa Pod and have some fun, I went early may. My father in tow in his M5 touring and my cousin in his chipped 1.9diesel punto.

There were many cars there, and funnily enough a tuned 335d. A perfect car for me to race Just like the old days but this time Im in the M3....

I had not dragged raced since 2009 in the 335d, so I was well out the game and having only done a handful of practise starts with the M3 on a side road was thinking I was ready................................. TO BE DISAPPOINTED no doubt...

The M3 didn't let me down, I had what felt a good launch, stormed up the strip leaving the re-mapped 335d (drag racer virgin) standing.

Came back into be told by my father than I had done a 13.3@106.5mph...

13.3@106.5mph and I hit the limiter in 3rd just for a split second. Time to analyse the slip..

I had managed a 2.1 60ft, not bad for a first run in nearly 3 years in my book, in a manual M3, but definitely room for improvement. the 13.3@106.5 with a clip of the limiter makes me think I could have hit 108mph if I had not just hit the fuel cut off.

The run indicating a good 0-60mph in 4.8 and 0-100 in just under 11.5 sec.

Time to get that 60ft down to 1.9 and smash a 13.0 or quicker in a Completely STOCK M3... Man these things are not meant to be this fast are they?!?!

Rain halts proceedings, and I left with just one run under my belt. CHUFFED to bits really and now know the E46 M3 IS A FAST car when driven properly.

Its a car that is required to be ''ragged'' as it were to maximise its performance.

I am now aiming for a 13.0 in a standard M3 before I start to modify her as it were

Since Ive had it, I have changed pads all round (Thanks to MattOZ) and oil and filter change. Rear trailing arm bushes needed doing also.

It is a special place to sit, the seats fantastically supported and with the toys like Sat-Nav/TV and HK stereo a nice place to be even on long journeys.

I'd reccomend one to anybody who is considering a performance car. It feels far more planted then my previous 335d (which handled well) when pressing on and has a air of ''Presence on the road''..

Hope you liked my little review.

Lotsa love


Here is some pics!!

997.2 GT3

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