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Im seriously thinking about picking up my monk and playing him again.

granted ill have to buy back some peices (i sold his weapon, ammy, and rings.. doh.)

I feel as if melee is goin to get buffed to hell soon with this inferno nerf and all the QQ of ranged being too OP, etc etc.

I want to be able to faceroll monsters and not have to worry about getting one shotted on my WD..

Im also sick of trolling with my WD, all my farm spots I use are just cheap antics and I feel with ranged you are just trying to outsmart the AI and glitch them.

I always farm act 3 elites by kiting them to a spot, dying by them, then respawning far away with a gap between us and shoot them from there and tey just glitch up.

sort of like the mephisto moat trick back in the day..

it may be that time..
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